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the best amateur XC MTB race in Brno.

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The technology is just tool to get your objectives.

Static html presentation
are made in html, using cascade style sheets (css). They are optimized for comfortable viewing by any of web browsers. There wouldn't be typical slogan "Optimized for..." on your pages. It will work everywhere.

Dynamic html pages
Pages can be created by web application, starting from very simple up to complicated, database based systems. Our preferred tools are PHP, Perl with MySQL database engine in background. Favorite operating system is Linux with Apache web server.

Graphics elements
Graphics elements are made in gif format (which is unfortunately covered by patents) and therefore modern png format in introduced.

To give the life to you pages, the animated gifs of flash plugins are used in the presentation. Sometimes video in formats mpeg or avi is used. But still with the respect to fast download and easy navigation.

Search engines
More than half of success of web presentation is in accessibility from search engines. So the right key words and presentation structure is important for you and for us is natural.

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