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the best amateur XC MTB race in Brno.

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We offer complex services in www business. What does it mean? We can build the turnkey web presentation for you. Starting from consultation, checking available possibilities, suggesting best technical solution, graphical design and production of web pages and programming web applications. Finally filling the database with data and placing your presentation on highly accessible server. It is important (for us) to listen to you, customer. But publishing the presentation is not the end.
Web presentation must be added in to the search engines and presentation must be kept updated, to enforce its marketing potential. Good web page is going to bring you visitors and increase your income.
We offer regular maintenance of the web pages, but without your cooperation it is not possible. You are the source of primary data, of your "special offers", new prices etc. It is your task to forward us this information to keep your web up-to-date.
At this conditions, we are able to make and maintain the presentation boosting your business.

Beside web page management we offer some related services as webhosting, dns hosting, domain registration in TLD .cz, .sk, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .as and others, email services etc.

Webhosting is presenting your webpages on the internet, accessible to everyone 24/7/365. Our servers are located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Right email is part of your company identity. Our email system contains such features as aliases setting for one physical mailbox (, comes in to the same mailbox), forwarding of emails, sms-notification, domain catch-all account etc. Your emails are accessible from your office desktop, or via web interface from each Internet coffee around the globe (of course, password protected).

Other services
For our customers in Czech Republic we offer basic configuration of computers and Internet connection with our partners.
Creating of complicated logos, company identity and color prospectus is outsorced by our partner Graphics studio Kupka.

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