Short Cirucuits Dublin - robot team

We have returned from the Eurobot 2006, where we competed with other teams and met our friends from our sibling team Short Circuits Prague.

Our team members are distributed across the world, with developers being located in Athlone, Ireland (main hardware design centre and testing paygrounds), in Dublin, Ireland; Prague, Czech Republic and potentionaly Japan.
Stay tuned for some pictures from the development!

Some pictures of Hugo (2006 robot)

full robot
Inside the robot. The black L-shaped part is suction mechanism. The blue helix shape is sorting part (see detail below).

One of many electronic boards.

motor with gearbox and encoder
One wheel with gearbox, encoders and motor and some electronics.

Sorting mechanism - pingpong balls are dropped on the top, where a latch select their destination. Either the fall through white tube straight down, or they travel on the blue helix structure around. This structure works also as a storage area for balls.


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Latest development:

1.12.2005 - the prototype of ping-pong-ball-collecting and sorting mechanism is nearly the completion.
13.11.2005 - playing field is finished. Now we need some robots.

Last update: 26.6.2006 by Jan Hradil